Penticton Pet Resort

Penticton Dog Daycare

Penticton Pet Resort offers a safe and healthy play environment that increases social skills and builds confidence with lots of exercise and stimulation. We provide a controlled and monitored environment, in which dogs can interact and play throughout the day. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you came home to a relaxed and tired pup after a long day? Lots of play with friends at Penticton Pet Resort will provide your dog with needed exercise and socialization during the day so that you can enjoy a relaxing night of cuddling when you arrive home.  Your dog will be begging to come back!

Daycare Details

1 Dog
Each Additional Dog (same family)
Grooming basic package (bath, brush, nail trim)
$30 and up

Daycare Hours

Monday - Friday  8:00am –  5:00pm.

Saturday and Sunday  9:00am –  3:00pm

Please contact us to inquire about enrolling your dog in daycare.


Enrich Your Dog's Day

Enrich Your Dogs Day

Whether it be a jump in one of our pool or chasing bubbles, your dog will have fun enjoying new experiences in our day care program.

Exercise Body & Mind

Exercise Body & Mind

Dogs are creatures of habit and allowing your pup to attend daycare on a regular basis, you create a happy, active, healthy and well-socialized dog.  Expends that extra energy that can lead to destructive behavior

Outdoor Play Areas

Outdoor Play Area

We have covered, fenced outdoor yards, all with synthetic turf.  We separate the dogs by size. During the summer, we have puppy pools and misters to keep everybody cool.

Daily Hikes and Outings

Daily Hikes and Outings

We do a daily mountain hike year round.  We also visit parks and beaches in the warmer months. Rain, snow or shine... we hike!

Group Play

Pet Group Play

Group play is supervised by a member of the Penticton Pet Resort staff. While participating in daycare we encourage appropriate play styles and basic obedience commands to help good behavior become a habit for your dog.

Relaxing Downtime

Relaxing Downtime

Dogs not only get to play a lot during daycare, but also enjoy downtime to rest and recover throughout the day.